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Health & Safety Consultants​ NI - Why?

Having worked in the Health & Safety sector for over 20 years, I have been able to identify the key pit falls that every business will suffer when it comes to trying to manage a Health & Safety strategy.  From studying these pit falls, we have developed packages to plug the gaps these pit falls create leaving you and your business protected.

The main pit fail most business will have is lack of time and in-house knowledge. We have all the knowledge and we use digital training and digital signed documents to remove the time element for all parties.  Allowing us to keep the costs to a minimum whilst giving you the complete service

As you can see below we offer packages from only £5 per month, per employee.

That's only £60 per year! Which is only £0.16 per day!

Our most popular service is the 'Total Safety Package'

Only £177 for the year - which is only £14.75 per month or £0.49 per day!

In return you will get 12 C.P.D courses and 26 Toolbox talks per employee.

That's 38 layers of protection for you business against claims for every employee!


Health & Safety Consultants​ NI - Safety Done Right.

Health & Safety Consultants NI was created with the sole purpose of providing, affordable Health & Safety to all businesses within Northern Ireland. We understand that the Health & Safety for each business is different. We will work with your company structure and budget, to make sure you are fulfilling your legal obligations.

We have extensive knowledge and experience within all sectors for businesses within Northern Ireland. From a small corner shop, to multi location stores, leisure industry, cater, manufacturing and construction.


Health & Safety is not everyone's strong suit, and you should not stress or try to complete/create documentation that you don't have the skill set to do. By outscoring this element of your business out, frees up your time, with the added benefit of making sure your business is compliant with the law if an accident occurs. 

We offer a wide range of services to suit the budgets of any business. Creating a sound Health & Safety foundation will allow you to build a safety culture that will only improve your business, staff moral, staff engagement and allow you to grow and expand in a safe manner. 

Please contact us for a free consultation of what you need and how we can help. Its free, its quick and I am sure we can help you achieve your legal obligations.

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